A Certain Cat Named Clarence, Snuck Off and Took Some More Photographs of the Hawk Babies!

I was hurt! Yes, my pride was wounded at this turn of events, however, Clarence and his person went to New Haven to photograph the progress of the hawklets. They went without me. Yes, they did! "Well, at least I let you see the pictures I took of the baby birds. You can post them on your website if you like...."
Gee, thanks a lot, Clarence......

Well here they are!

Here's Denice going for a fly around the green!

She is joined by one of her girlfriends. They will probably hit the gym together for a workout!

Daddy Matthew showing off his wing span!

These are faces only a mother could love!

Apparently the babes just jabber away! You know, like baby talk!

When they grow up, perhaps they will be prettier. Right now, they wouldn't win any beauty contests!

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