So Clarence Went Off Again to See How Big the Baby Hawks Had Grown.

(Denice and Matthew dropped by the nest to feed the kids and to chat with my feline buddy.)

The kids are getting bigger and hungrier. Denice said that once they leave the nest, they are really on their own! "I don't want them coming back here complaining that they can't afford a nice nest! And I'm not cleaning up after them once they have flown off and found their own places! I won't be their servant! You know how teen-agers are! Especially the boys! They have to learn to take care of themselves!"

(I think they look much better now. They aren't so scruffy. They look more like little hawks rather than old feather dusters!)

Denice told Clarence that the church steeple is a great look-out for lunch and dinner. "I like things really fresh, you know."

"I think a leafy background makes my feathers really look good!"

"Take the picture already! I can't hold this pose forever!"

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