The Babes Have Hatched! Three Fuzzy Little Birdlets are Sitting in the Nest, Squawking Their Heads Off!

One of the birds who occupies the birdhouses which hang from the big maple tree, stopped by the computer room window to inform me that the hawk couple who lives on the New Haven Green now have babies.
"Really? I meowed. "Did you see them with your very own eyes?"
The bird shook its head. "Not me! I don't get near hawks of any kind! I heard it from a sparrow who nests over on West Side. She heard it from a blue jay who lives on Brook Street who heard it from a cardinal (the bird kind, not the human kind) who lives on Woodin Street. He heard it from......."
"Fine! Thanks a lot!" I meowed loudly, halting the bird from it's seemingly endless recitation of birds who had seen the hawklets.
"Yeah, okay," he chirped. "By the way, my name is Alfonso. And also, by the way, a baby hawk is called an eyas.."
Naturally the first thing I did was run over to Belden Street and awaken my friend Clarence from his nap. "Really!" he meowed, wiping the sleep from his eyes as he stretched his legs. "I will go fetch my person and tell him the great news. In the meantime, go home and fetch your camera. I think we will be going on a trip!"
That is exactly what happened! I raced home, gathered up my camera and traveling blanket and waited at the back gate for Clarence and his person to arrive. Soon we were speeding toward the New Haven green! Below, are the results of our glorious trip!

Photographs of Egas Taken by Clarence of Belden!

Here' mom going for a fly!

Photographs Taken by the Esteemed Henri of Twin Brook!