In Vermont, Clarence and I Met Some Moose Wearing Makeup!

That was a shock, let me tell you! When we first saw them, Clarence jumped out of the car and ran toward them! I meowed and growled at him, "Clarence, don't get too close! They might bite or do something really nasty!"
Clarence just scowled at me. "They aren't real live moose, silly. They are made of something like plaster or cement. They can't move! They are just stuck where they are."
Perhaps what Clarence meowed was true but I still approached the beasts with extreme caution. Better to be careful than sorry, you know. It didn't seem to notice me so I aimed my camera and with shaking paws, captured this image.

I waited as Clarence took his photographs and then we left, on paw to another location. Clever Clarence had printed out a map of where the mooses (meeses?) were stationed.

Cameras get very heavy for the average tom cat to carry, so we stopped at a covered bridge to rest and take a little nap. We curled up at the bank of the river and let the sound of flowing water lull us to sleep.

Clarence and I both awakened at about the same time. We yawned, stretched, shook the sleep from our eyes and proceeded on our way back to town.

That is one blue moose!

Back in town, we sauntered along a road looking into shop windows and sniffing the aroma from some of the local restaurants. None of the shops carried anything which would be of interest to a cat. None of the restaurants specialized in anything which would really temp the palette of a feline such as the delicious morsels served at The Dumpster! which Clarence and I frequent.

We found one more moose on our journey that day. We were just pawing along when Clarence looked up and behold, there was a moose staring down on us! I gasped, fearful that the creature might jump from it's station on the roof and crash into us! It didn't move, however. It just stood there, two stories above us, staring at us! Quickly I aimed my camera and began clicking the shutter!

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I think that if the plural of mouse is mice, then the plural of moose should be meese! Clarence does not agree with me but then that cat has no imagination! What do you think?