The Dumpster!

Fine Dining for the Discriminating Feline!

The Dumpster is located in Hamden Connecticut, conveniently located on tree lined Twin Brook Alley, behind the restaurant and next to the brook!

The Dumpster is open from nightfall to sunrise! Dining for two or banquet space for larger gatherings.

Wonderful leftovers prepared and thrown out by the restaurant's famous chef!


Scraps of Pot Roast with bits of succulent vegetables.
Leftover roast pork with gravy.
Bits of cooked fish that had stuck to the broiling pan.
Remains of tuna fish salad not eaten by human patrons.
What is left of uneaten salmon salad. Scraps of liver and onions cooked to perfection!
Bones with meat on them from roasted chicken .
Shrimp too small to use in cocktails.
Roast beef tidbits with gravy and potato pieces.
Bones with meat attached from left over charcoal broiled steaks.

Call in advance for daily specials.
Menu changes by the hour!

The Dumpster! The place where cats can meet to meow and purr with their friends over a feast of discarded morsels!

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