The Twin Brook Christmas Photographs!

I thought the collar looked very good on me! It contrasts nicely with my black fur which is very soft and shiny. Queens find me irristable!

Frankly, this collar does nothing for me. It barely shows up against my exquisite fur and coloring. I'm very disappointed in my person's choice of Christmas adornment! It does not do for a great Christmas photograph!

It's obvious to all, that this silly collar is not right for me! White fur against white fur does nothing for me! Any cat can tell you that! If my person really wanted to do justice to my good looks and great demeaner, she would have gotten me a gold crown! By the way, purple is the color of royalty, you know!

My persons didn't get me anything for my Christmas photographs. They don't really like me very much because I am just a dog. I probably won't get any Christmas presents either. I will be the only dog on Twin Brook who won't have any presents under the tree. But there is no law that says that you, the viewing public can't send me presents! I will then send you my address and you can send me presents and stuff! Any and all gifts for me will be very much appreciated and I won't tell anyone who you are! I like soft squishy toys and rawhide chewies!

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