Henri of Twin Brook Alert!
Our home has been invaded by another cat!
Her name is Tonya and she doesn't like us very much!

Henri of Twin Brook Reporting!

Without my knowledge and without the consent of my housemates, Sidney, Helen and Stella, our persons visited the New Haven Animal Shelter on Tuesday afternoon, April 16, 2007. At this time, they looked at all the caged cats who were living there. Apparently, most of the cats were quite adoptable. One cat in particular was able to persuade our persons to plunk down good money for her release with the understanding that they would give her a home. Consequently, the newly acquired animal was shoved into a carrier, put into an automobile and driven to our Twin Brook Home.
Helen: I knew the moment I laid eyes on that queen that there would be trouble! She is very big! I mean big! And it's not fluffy fur like mine! She is just a big cat! I ignore her. If I ignore her long enough she will probably decide not to stay here. I'm keeping my paws crossed!
Sidney: It is more than I can stand! She growled at me! She wouldn't let me near the food bowl! You know, I am diabetic and without food and nourishment I could go into hypoglycemia! Oh boy, would my persons be sorry if that happened. At least, I think they would be sorry......
Stella: The minute I saw that hussy, I knew she would mean trouble. She's in love with our male person already! She goes over to him and gives him headbutts and stuff. And she purrs when he pets her and rubs her whiskers. She gives him that "look" that all queens learn at an early age. It means "I am yours forever and ever..." I can't stand it! I can't stand her! She even looks a little like my adorable self!

Tonya has decided to occupy the second floor apartment. Therefore the rest of us cats have to use the litter pans which are in the basement! I don't think that is at all that fair!

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