The New Bed!!!

The problem started when my friend Jessie, who lives in Florida, sent me a picture of a present she had sent to her mate, Mr. Day Late. Jessie had sent this lucky cat a four poster bed! I was really beautiful and from the expression on Day Late's face, I decided it must have been very comfortable as well.

So I began meowing around and left a few prints of the notable bed in the computer room and the bedroom and the living room and the bathroom. I thought that way, I would get my persons' attention.

Well, apparently it did get their attention because on Saturday, the two of them marched out to the automobile, drove off in a roar of smoke and speed and did not return for many hours. I was asleep when the back door was unlocked and opened. The two of them began growling about what a great experience they had that afternoon. They had indeed, purchased a bed! I couldn't wait to see my new bed! It would be for me only although I would let Sidney, Stella and Helen occasionally stretch out on it sleep inducing softness.
I waited and waited and finally the day came when the back door bell rang. I hid behind the couch so I could witness the bed delivery. Boy, what a surprise I got! The bed was huge! It would take up the entire bedroom! This is not what I had in mind, believe me! To get over the trauma, I took a nap. What else can a cat do in times of stress and disappointment?

That night, after everyone had gone to sleep, I hunted for my new bed thinking that perhaps it had been delivered when I had been napping. My careful snooping did not produce the beautiful four poster of my dreams. Dejected, I slowly made my way into the bedroom of my persons. I made my usual leap clear the distance from the floor to the top of the bed. It was not enough! My claws somehow attached themselves to the side of the mattress. Whereas my front paws were firmly anchored, my hide feet were swinging free in space. It was as if I were climbing Mount Everest! Climbing without the proper tools or picks! Frantically my hind feet flayed the air in search of a foothold! My front paws ached from the strain of supporting my body in its precarious hold. Then the unthinkable happened! I lost my grip on the mattress and plunged butt first toward the hard, cold floor.

Unfortunately, Helen just happened to be passing down the hallway as I took the fall. I landed with a thump. "Well, well!" she smirked, "if it isn't Henri of Twin Brook! Couldn't make it to the top of the new mattress? Your bones all creaky and your muscles mere shadows of their former selves? I have just the solution. A small stool at the side of the bed will enhance your chances of obtaining your goal, namely the top of the mattress rather than the rather hard surface of the bedroom floor."

"Oh, shut up, Helen!" I hissed. "Don't you dare bring a stool into this room! I shall lift weights, do push ups, get a treadmill, play tennis and anything else to regain my former glory and strength!"

"Lots of luck, Henri," she meowed. "It will take more than lifting weights
Sometimes I really don't like that cat! She goes out of her way to humilate me! I never get a kind meow from her lips! I don't know why my persons like her at all. She ridicules me and then before I had recovered from her abuse, she and Stella marched into the bedroom pushing that dratted stool toward the side of the bed. Okay, it worked.... Climbing onto the stool first and then onto the bed was much easier than clawing myself to the top, but I will never admit it and I will only use the stool when Helen and Stella aren't around......

And this is the cat who started this quest for a four poster bed! She is none other than Jessie Cat from Florida, Mr. Day Late's mate!

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