More Fund raisers for This Poor Old Cat!

A cat of my age needs his naps! Every feline understands this but I still get asked to attend fund raisers for various events. This year I was asked to write about the Santa Claus Photo with your pet at two different functions. The first function was for the Hamden Dog Park. Now I have been to the dog park on several occasions and have written articles (not too flattering) about the place and its inhabitants and I agreed to write about the lastest dog centered event. Well what can I tell you? I asked Clarence to come with me and he reluctantly agreed. Below is a photograph of a rather unhappy participant!

Yes, they did allow cats have their photographs taken with Santa and here is one of the "lucky" customers! "What's you name, you poor unfortunate creature?"
"My name is William, if you must know!" he growled. "And wipe that smirk off your face! This was not my idea! My persons have this insane idea that I like being dressed up! And I didn't even get to choose the costume! Who wants to look like this! I will be the laughing stock of the entire neighborhood!"
Tears came to my feline eyes. "I know exactly how you feel, kitty," I meowed. "You look ridiculous in that outfit!"
William glared at me. "Thanks!" he hisssed. "I really needed those meows of comfort! You are an idiot, Henri of Twin Brook!"
I was only trying to help...
Clarence and I left the Two Smiling Dogs' fund raiser. Clarence's person drove us to the next event which was for the Hamden Animal Shelter. "You shouldn't have been so hard on William. Your remarks will probably have scared his soul forever," growled my friend. I only told him the truth," I meowed. "Perhaps my bluntness will convince William to throw all of his toys in the toilet, as I had suggested. That might convince his persons not to dress him in stupid looking outfits!"
At the next event, we saw a lot of dogs milling about. Some were large and some were small. Most of them looked uncomfortable. But there was one dog who was outfitted with a dress and matching bonnet. "My name is Furman!" he barked. "Don't you think I look grand!" That's how dogs behave. A cat would never think that they looked good dressed up in a goofy dress much less having a hat pulled down over their heads! "I just don't understand dogs," meowed Clarence, "Have they no sense of shame? Have they no sense of decency?"
"Apparently not, Clarence," I replied. "Dogs are dogs and we cats are cats. Each species has its own sense of what is proper and fitting in society. Unfortunately, dog just don't have much sense anyway. Let's go home!" I took a few pictures which really weren't worthy of publication, packed up the camera and persuaded Clarence's person that it was time to leave.

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