Rumpelstiltskin Is His Name!

I was very eager to join Clarence of Belden and his person on their motor trip to Vermont. Hurriedly, I packed my bag and waited impatiently for my buddy and his person to arrive at the back gate of my home. When Clarence opened the back door of the automobile, I leaped onto the seat, threw my travel bag on the floor, fluffed up some cushions and promptly fell asleep. Cats have a habit of doing that you know...It's just something we do when we are excited, frightened, hungry, cold, hot, bored or are contemplating the feline's role in today's society.
What might have seemed like a very long automobile ride was greatly shortened by my greatly elongated nap! I didn't miss the entire state of Massachusetts as Clarence poked me in the ribs to awaken me from my slumbers. "The scenery is really nice in these parts of the world, Henri!" meowed Clarence, pointing his paw at the tall trees and green fields at the side of the road. Frequently, we passed some big animals walking around. Some of them smiled and waved their hooves at us. Hooves are not like paws. I have never been up close to one but I heard you wouldn't want to be hit in the head with a hove. That was not a problem because Clarence and I never left the automobile for the entire journey (there was a litter pan on the floor under a tent of newspapers).

When we arrived at our destination in Vermont, Clarence's person parked the automobile in front of a row of doors. He got out and we cats followed him to the end of the parking lot. We hesitated when he opened the door to an office but then we followed him through the entrance. There, sitting behind a desk was a dog! "Good afternoon," barked the dog. "How may I help you?" The dog and Clarence's person exchanged a few words and barks. A credit card was handed to the dog in exchange for a key. I was absolutely amazed! Here was a dog who could handle credit cards, keep records and discuss room arrangements with a human! After our person and the dog had finished with the business at paw, the animal turned to face Clarence and me.
"And how may I help you two kitties?" he barked.
"Well," meowed Clarence, "we're with him." He pointed at his person. "My name is Clarence and this is my friend, Henri."
The dog shook his head. "Of course you are with the human! I should have known. We don't often see cats in this area looking for motel rooms. By the way, my name is Rumpelstiltskin but you can call me Rumples for short. I'm the motel's innkeeper."
We shook paws. "How long have you been doing this work?" I asked. "I've met a feline innkeeper in Massachusetts but never a dog innkeeper."

"There are a few of us around," barked Rumpy. "I took an online course in inn management and got my license. On the internet, no one knows you're a dog."
"How true! How true!" meowed Clarence. "Do you like meeting the public and having a lot of humans pawing at you?"
"I love it!" growled Rumpy. "It really makes my day, guys. You are guys, aren't you?"
"Yup," meowed. "Tom cats through and through. At least we were until we had an operation...."
The dog nodded. "I've heard about those. Terrible. Terrible. Would you kitties be needing a litter box for the evening?"
Clarence shook his head. "We brought our own, thank you."
"Well, I've got a little something for you fellows." He ran over to a cabinet, opened it and pulled something from a shelf. "Maybe this will give you pleasant dreams." It was a catnip mouse! What a thoughtful dog! "I know you cats must be tired from you long journey so I will say goodbye now and get back to the books. Have a restful night."
Clarence and I walked over to the room where we would spend the next two nights. "That was a really nice dog! Don't you think so, Henri?"
I nodded. "I'll make sure to get some nice pictures of him before we leave." And I did.

He drinks a lot of coffee!

He's always glad to see you!

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