Clarence Has Been Stalking Birds Again!

Clarence, my feline buddy from Belden Street, stopped by my house yesterday afternoon. He was dragging a canvas bag which had the head of a tripod sticking out from the opening. He was slightly out of breath.
"Are you going somewhere?" I asked. "Why the tripod and camera?"
"My person will be driving by to pick me up soon. He's taking me to the New Haven Green so I can stalk some birds this afternoon," he meowed.
I shrugged my shoulders. "You can chase sparrows right here," I replied. "My backyard is full of them. Besides that, you are a housecat now. Your bird stalking days are over. Your meals now come out of can or bag. You don't need to catch them on the fly anymore."
"It's not like that!" insisted Clarence. "I am going down to the New Haven Green to photograph some hawks. They are a lot bigger than sparrows!"
That really sounded interesting. "Can I come along?" I asked. "I would really like to join you!"
Clarence shook his head. "No, you can't come with me. Sorry about that, old chum but it took a while before I could get on good terms with Denice and Matthew. I don't want to upset the delicate balance of our unigue relationship," he purred. "Next time you can join me." He heard the rumble of his person's automobile. "Well, gotta go. I will e-mail the pictures tonight."

Denice and Matthew at home. (Clarence was invited up for a spot of tea, but he declined....)

"I really feel like I own the whole world when I stand here!"

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