Our Dog Ashley Marched in Hamden's Memorial Day Parade!

I was busy supervising the weeding of the flower beds in my family's garden when I overheard Ashley, my canine housemate, barking through the slats of the garden's back gate.

"The mayor himself, sent me a personal letter inviting me to march in the Memorial Day parade!", she howled excitedly. "People standing at the side of the road strew my path with rose petals! Oh, how they applauded as I passed by! I heard shouts of praise at my demeaner. I heard applause as I stepped proudly along the road! The crowd was delirous with joy at my appearance!"

As far as I know, Ashley never received a letter from the mayor of Hamden. I was at the parade, sitting under a bush, and never saw rose petals being flung at Ashley or at any dog participant. The applause I did hear was directed at some groups of humans marching in formation. I did get some pictures and I present them below.

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