Our Neighbor Max and his garden!

My Neighbor Maxwell of Twin Brook and His Lovely Garden!

I was in my garden, beyond the white fence, supervising my person on the pulling of weeds, when Maxwell, my neighbor hopped the fence! That cat has never learned to open the gate and walk in! He has to show off how agile and nimble he is because he thinks that Helen might be watching! Anyway, he jumped down into the garden, brushed a few pieces of red cedar from his coat and walked toward me, his tail held high and a beligerent look upon his fuzzy face. "Hey, Henri! You run around here like a nut, lugging that camera with you all over the place but not once have you stopped by my place to take pictures of my garden!"
So I decided to make special pages for Maxwell or Max as he is known throughout the area. And here they are!

Maxwell's Peonies!

A Rosebud!

Another Rosebud!

I don't know what this is!

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