Jessie's Mom!

My friend Jessie who lives in Florida sent me this picture of her mom dressed up as a rabbit! Boy, Jessie's mom is one big rabbit! I had no idea that a rabbit could have a baby cat! I was really surprised to hear that. Everyday I learn something new! It must be some special kind of rabbit that grows that big become Jerome and Nathanial aren't that tall. The little one in the rabbit's arms must be her baby or maybe even Jessie when she was just born. I guess when a rabbit has a cat baby they are born without any fur. I guess that grows in later and they get all fluffy like the rest of us.

I had no idea that my friend Jessie looked like that when she was born! It doesn't matter, I would have loved her anyway. ....But I'm glad she finally grew some hair. Fur does do much for a cat's self esteem...

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