My Interview with Tonya!
Henri of Twin Brook

My new house mate, Tonya, has not ventured down from the second floor since she has come to live with us. Finally, this weekend, I took matters into my own paws and marched upstairs to confront her about this rather rude behavior she has exhibited these past three weeks. I took a deep breath and proceeded, one step at a time until I reached the very top of the staircase. I heard a low growl and Tonya came forward toward me. "What are you doing here?" she meowed belligerently.
"I beg your parden!" I hissed. "I happen to live here! I live here with my housemate, Helen, who is a bossy old queen, Stella, who is a bit of a pest and Sidney who is the total whimp of catdom!"
"Well let me tell you something, cat!" she growled. "It was my understanding, that when I was brought here to live, I would be an only cat! No one told me about Helen, Stella or Sidney! They try to sneak up here when I'm not looking and then they use the litter box! That's for my exclusive use!"
"You were never promised a one cat only household. My persons would never have told you that!" I meowed. "They are always honest with us cats, I'll have you know!"
"Maybe so," she responded, "but they did not consult me about the decor. I don't like blue walls. I would have preferred ivory or a pale biege. I think the window curtins could stand an upgrading. There are tiny holes in them."
"Oh, yeah," I agreed, "Stella used to climb them when she was very young. Well you know how kittens are..."
"Your persons could freshen up the place a bit," meowed Tonya. "This computer," remarked Tonya pointing her paw at an old system that one of my persons used a few years back, "is very old. I prefer a Mac, if you don't mind as I'm big on graphics and stuff."
I became very hot between the ears. "Listen, Tonya! You are very lucky that you have a home! If you were happier living in a cage in an animal shelter, perhaps I can make arrangements to have you sent back there! Think it over! Frankly, I don't really care if you come downstairs or not. I have always used the litter boxes in the basement! I don't have to look at your sour puss, if you will excuse the pun!"
Then Tonya put on her sweet face for me. She began to purr. "Perhaps, I've been too harsh in my judgement. They do clean the litter pan everyday and give me food, although I would prefer more variety in my diet and the water bowl is always filled with fresh water....I probably shouldn't complain too much...However, I do wish they would put up nice pictures on the wall. I have a hard time relating to their tastes in art."
"I'll be sure to tell them that, Tonya," I meowed. I ran down the stairs, shaking my head at her responses. Maybe some day she will come around and try to be more gracious.I won't hold my breath. It's not that I don't feel sorry for Tonya. After all, it must have been very traumatic being taken from a place that was very familiar to her and placed in a new residence with cats totally strange to her. I hope she will come around and be a lovable, productive member of our society and perhaps let me use the upstairs litter pan now and then without jumping on my butt. She is a different kind of cat that's for sure! I'm sure, in time, Tonya will have plenty of stories to tell us about her life prior to becoming a resident of an animal shelter.

I have had tastier food, but at least it is edible!

I spend most of my days pondering the meaning of life.

Somehow I doubt I will find the answer in this household!

Will Tanya find happiness as the new resident of Twin Brook Road? As a former street cat, will she find peace and prosperity, living in a neat little house with hot and cold running water? Will she learn to love the color blue? Will she learn to appreciate the fine art which hangs upon the walls of this little house? Will she let Sidney use the upstairs litter pan? Only time will answer these questions.

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