After the Walk on the Queensboro Bridge!

(Or how we went to see the mummies at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!)

Soon after we finished walking across the Queensboro bridge, Clarence nudged me in the ribs. "You know what we could do now, Henri? We could go to this big building and see some dead people all wrapped up in cloth. That would be fun!"
I wagged my head at Clarence. "Why would we want to go and see a bunch of dead people wrappped up in cloth? That doesn't sound like much fun to me."
"It's educational, that's what it is, smarty! We can go to where all the Egyptian stuff. The Egyptian's were very big on cats. In fact they treated us like gods! They really did!"
"Well", I said, "then we must go and see the Egyptians. Maybe they will put crowns on our heads and give up nice robes to wear and all that stuff."
So Clarence's person hailed a taxicab. We all climbed in and went for a really fast ride toward the museum. And this is what we saw there!

Overhead facade to entrance.

Step leading to the entrance of the museum.

A Sphinx.
He has paws just like a big kitty!

A person who did not speak.
He or she is very old!

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