The Great Holmes Comet as Photographed by the Great Paws of Clarence of Belden and Henri of Twin Brook!

There we were, Clarence and I standing under the night sky, he with his expensive telescope and camera and me with my cheapy-do camera and telescope. Was I jeolous of Clarence and his more elaborate equipment and skill? Of course not! (if you believe that last meow, you are one dumb pussy cat!)

This is my photograph.

And this is Clarence's photograph of the Holmes Comet or Comet Holmes. Those white dots are stars. You can't see any in my picture because I was forced to use inferior equipment! And I wouldn't know how to use good stuff anyway.....

I Was Betrayed by My Closet Friends!

Last week, when I was taking a much needed nap on the computer room desk, I awakened to loud meowing outside the window. I thought it had sounded like Clarence, but since I had seen him only the day before, I dismissed the idea and went back to sleep. Last night, I heard the same meowing outside the computer room window. Now I was really curious what cat might have invaded my private space and hurridly pryed the back door open and ran into the front yard. Much to my surprise, I saw Clarence and Carlyle from the Evergreen Lake Colony. They paid me no heed, but continued adjusting the focus on a really big telescope! Finally, Clarence jumped down from Carlyle's shoulders. "Hi Henri," he meowed. "Carlyle and I are trying to get more pictures of the Comet. He was at the library last week and saw an article about how it was getting much brighter and if you are very carefull with the focusing and stuff, you might be able to view the tail of it."
"Well, you might have let me know about it. I would have like to seen it through my own scope," I growled.
Clarence shrugged as he helped Carlyle climb up on his shoulders so he too could see the comet. "Your scope is really too cheap for such advanced viewing, Henri. If you stick around, I'll let you take a peek through my scope. Tomorrow night, Raymond Hazelwitz will bring a few of his rat scouts over to see the comet." And them he turned away and advised Carlyle on how to better adjust the focus.

He did send me some photos and here they are!

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