A Little About Some Friends and Family in My Neighborhood!

I would like to introduce you to my housemate, Sidney. In this photograph, he is trying to learn how to use the computer. That is not likely to happen. He really believes he can apply online for a credit card, because on the internet, know one knows you are a cat. There are a number of things he would like to purchase, one of which is a bright red convertable automobile. I told him he couldn't use a credit card to purchase a bright red car of any type. He then meowed that he would accept the same model in bright green. "I want to feel the wind in my whiskers! I want to feel the breezes ruffle my fur!"
This is Penelope. She is a neighbor of mine who lives down the street with her sister Sparky. Our friends Abbott and Cobweb (dumb name for a cat!) live not far from Penelope's home. Frequently, the four of them walk up the street to my house and meow outside the computer room window until Helen and I come out to join them in a conference. Penelope knows just about everything that goes on in the neighborhood including who had kittens, who passed away during the cold winter months and what queens and toms had become an item. Abbott often consults with Raymond Hazelwitz, rodent activist to see how the neighborhood felines can better serve the community.
This is a photograph of my friend Shirley's third cousin twice removed on her father's side. He looks like any other squirrel who comes into our backyard in search of bird seed. I approached him one morning when he was chasing the birds away from the bird feeder so he could grab pawfulls of sun flower seeds. "Why don't you try chomping on that yellow log shaped thingy which is on the railing over there?" I pointed at the yellow, log shaped thingy which was held onto the railing with a nail. He nodded. "They say it is delicious!" I growled loudly to emphasize how good it probably was.....
He ran over to the 'log', hopped up onto the railing and cautiously began to nibble at the 'treat'. After a few minutes of chomping and gnawing, he looked at me. "It's not bad," he chattered. "A bit dry and the flavor is a bit subdued. I think it could use a bit more seasoning.....I like the fact that it is very hard which is good for my front teeth. Rodents have to gnaw on things in order to keep the front teeth from getting too long. I suppose you already know that...."
"As a matter of fact, I never really thought about it..." I meowed. I flexed mt whiskers in a winning smile. Well at least I call it a smile. But the very next day, Shirley's third cousin, twice removed on her father's side was back, stealing sun flower seeds out of the mouths of some very angry Cardinals. (Cardinals are birds with red feathers. At least the boy Cardinals have red feathers......

This Is The End!

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