The Joys of a Fall Day in New York City's Central Park!

(As seen through the eyes of two tom cats from Connecticut!)

Clarence and I were very tired after a night of Halloween parading which ended with a party hosted by a group Greenwich Village toms and queens and a feast of tuna salad, left over halibut fillet and veal stew (in New York City, a cat can get just about anything) with a enough catnip to keep every feline in the state happy! Of course, we were a bit hung over from all of the festivities but the next morning we met our friend Roscoe. "So what are you guys going to do today? Got any plans?" he meowed, brushing some flakes of catnip from his hind feet.
"I thought we might take a leasurely walk through Central Park," I told him. "It seems like a very nice day."
"No argument there," moewed Roscoe. "If you want to get there quick, take the Sixth Avenue subway. It has a stop near the southern entrance to the park. Just remember, when you board the subway train, move quickly! Hide under a seat, keep your tails wrapped around your butts and don't meow at very pair of shoes that comes too close to your nose. And if a human should drop some newspaper pages onto the floor, do not reach out with your paw and grab them! New Yorker's do not like to see cats reading the New York Times! For some strange reason, it upsets them, especially if it is the sport section."
Clarence and I did exactly as we were told, for the better part of the trip until come person dropped a few pages of the Boston Globe unto the floor. Clarence quickly grabbed them with his paw. "Look at that, Henri! Boston is still celebrating because the Red Sox won the World Series!"
We did get to the park and here are the photos to prove it!

Up in Central Park!

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