Beware of the Canine Collector!

My advancing age may very well be the cause of Ashley's behavior. Ashley is our house dog, a mutt who somehow convinced, some time ago, that she should become a member of our household. I could always control her behavior during the early years as I was able to watch closely over her antics and plots to gain access to more dog biscuits and dog toys than were appropriate. But time sent me for a nap more often now and with the help of Stella, the brat cat which became Ashley's "cat-child" the day she was brought into this establishment, things have gone steadily downhill.
It began with a lot of squealing and purrs late at night, between Ashley and Stella. Then there were the footsteps which came from the staircase which led up to the second floor and the activity which followed. I should have gotten up those nights and investigated the sound of footsteps and the late night activity in the blue room upstairs. I did not. I regret that I did not.
One morning, after my persons had left the house to go shopping, a strange dog appeared at the back door. "Hi!" she barked. (I could tell it was girl dog by the smell.) My name is Veronica. I'm a friend of Ashley's. We met at the dog park!"
"So?" I growled, arching my back and puffing my tail. "What do you want!" I demanded.
The dog looked puzzled. "Ashley is going to show me her art collection. Didn't she tell you that I would be coming over?"
"No, she did not tell me that you were coming here to view her art collection!" I hissed. "As a matter of fact, I was not aware that Ashley had an art collection!"
Veronica shrugged her shoulders. "Well every dog at the dog part knows that Ashley has a collection of rare art works," she barked.
"Really?" That was the first time I had been informed about Ashley's art collection! Reluctantly, I permitted the strange dog to enter the premises. I could here Ashley's barks and whines coming from the living room. Soon the two dogs scampered upstairs. I followed them, hiding behind a large table in the blue room.

"I got these items at a very exclusive store in New York City!" explained Ashley.

(Ashley has never, ever been to New York City!

Ashley explained to Veronica that the above objects had cost thousands and thousands of dollars!

(I think our persons bought these at a flea market for a few dollars.)

I don't think most of the dogs who use the Hamden Dog Park will become collectors of rare art but one can never tell about those mutts!

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