The Artistic Cat

Every cat has within his soul, the desire to create something beautiful. I would like to think that I, Henri of Twin Brook am capable of creating a webpage that will be an inspiration to all cats who endeavor to be sensitive, refined, artistic and talented and to possess great charm and good looks as well. (I would love to have all the queens in the neighborhood faint with joy at the mere sight of my wonderful self!)

I have no idea whether or not any cat or dog will read this yet I feel compelled to try. I suppose I could write about my youth and the years I had spent roaming the streets, alleys and backyards in search of food and a dry place to sleep, but I have already done that. I don't think anyone wants to hear anymore about my suffering. I might imbellish my story and say that I was a cat employed by the CIA or the FBI and forced to live on the street, but I was rejected for not being tall enough or fluffy enough to become a member of those establishments. They might have claimed that anyone would know I was a cat because of my ears and tail and I was reluctant to part with either..... Actually it was never asked of me because neither agencies would hire a cat regardless of whether or not they would part with the aforementioned appendages. Might have been fun though. Maybe I could get Clarence of Belden to join with me and we could do a bit of traveling.
Of course it's not going to happen. Neither one of us is good at travel. I don't even have a suitcase. I have to borrow a paper bag which my persons save for the garbage and the old magzines and catalogs which are sent to our house and put in the recycle bin. Every two weeks all the stuff that arrives in the mail gets sorted out and placed into the big brown paper bags which come from the grocery store.

Raymond Hazelwitz, rodent activist and friend of cat tells me that the recycle bins are like a library or shopping mall. He can tell you where to buy a good pair of jeans, the best men's underwear or what places sell 100 gigabyte hard drives really cheap. I, for one, am not really fond of reading but everyone has his or her own way of spending their leisure time. Frankly, reading a bunch of catalogs about coats and sweaters, underwear and jeans does not seem very entertaining. I have never met a cat who wears jeans. Frankly the legs on jeans do not come out of the seat part of the jeans at a proper angel for a cat's legs. I certainly don't need a sweater or t-shirt.. I have heard that some persons put coats on their dogs when they take them out for a walk.

When Ashley, our dog, is in a parade she has a special coat that she wears. She also looks really dumb in it.

I am not going to meow anymore. Goodnight. I hope you enjoy this page.....

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