Clarence and I Went to New York City on Christmas Day!

When Clarence charged through the back gate early Christmas morning, I knew that something exciting was going to happen! The old cat was out of breath and panting, clutching his new camera to his chest as if it were his most prized possession. "My person is taking the train to New York City today and he said we could come along if we will promise to be quiet and not meow too loudly! He said maybe the train driver will let us stay up in the front car so we can look out the window and take some pictures!" Clarence then collapsed in a heap. "I'm all out of breath," he whimpered, fanning his whiskers.
It took me about twenty minutes to pack my bag and slip out of the house before my room mates, Sidney, Helen and Stella realized what I was doing, namely putting my camera in the bag, some cat treats for snacking and a blanket just in case the train is cold. I promised to share everything with Clarence, including the cat treats.

I took this photograph while standing on Clarence's shoulders. That way I could photograph the building. Then I let him stand on my shoulders. Boy, that cat weighs a ton! You can see that the train window wasn't really all that clean. You can see spots on it. Right below me, is the track the train was traveling on. Neat, huh!


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More later!"

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