Clarence and I Do the New York City and the Queensboro Bridge at 59th Street!

Clarence, my friend, had come over one night and was pawing through a book my person had bought some time ago. It was book about bridges spanning rivers in New York City. We had walked over most of the Brooklyn Bridge last October and I hadn't really thought about walking across another bridge. Clarence, however, had other ideas. "We must walk across the Queensboro Bridge, Henri! We absolutely must do that!" Clarence's person was very interested in our ideas and after some planning, he agreed to take us to New York City. We went by train! Here is the journal of our adventures.

On the Train!

Here we are going down the track which leads to New York City!

This train lady took the passengers' tickets. She said we cats didn't need any. She likes cats!

Getting closer!

We are now in Harlem!

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