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This web site was officially closed on May 31, 2009. Henri is no longer able to update the site. It will be kept on line as a read only site. Henri wishes to thank all kitties who viewed this site the since January 2005 and hopes they enjoyed sharing the stories of his life.

My Story!

I am called Henri of Twin Brook, the cat formally known as Happy. Until September of the year 1997, I prowled the streets and alleys of this town, foraging for food from the trash cans of the city's residents. In my youth, I was adept at snaring within my paws, the hapless sparrow or careless mouse. My jaws closed upon their sweet flesh as I ignored their pleas for mercy. I had to eat. My life was about eating and sleeping and avoiding the perils of the streets.

In the spring, my pursuits and interests were more focused on the lovely queens and damsels in the neighborhood. I fought other toms for their undying affections and attention. I was strong! I was handsome! I was bigger and braver than any cat whose paws dared to tread upon my territory! I was relentless in the pursuit of food, water, lady cats and a comfortable place to sleep away the daylight hours. Night, with its shadows and strange noises was my domain. I was a formidable presence on the streets! All cats respected me. Those who feared me, and their numbers were many, stayed out of my way. Those who honored me and showed respect, became my friends and together we traveled the paths of survival together.

What happens to a cat who has spent his life on the streets? We grow older. We grow leaner. And sometimes we are afflicted with sickness and injury. Some of my friends, both male and female died under the tires of a speeding automobiles. Some became ill and too weak to hunt for food and water and wondered off to die in solitude. I grieved for all. Each life and spirit was precious to me except of course for those tom cats who had beaten me up a few times......I had not learned the art of forgiveness until that day in September when I, Henri of Twin Brook, staggered along the streets, my fur wet and greasy, my stomach screaming for food, my eyes bleary with fatigue, stood face to face with the humans who would become my persons. Why she had stopped to pat my battle scared head and smooth my dirt encrusted coat, I shall never know. She carried a bowl of food and put it at the edge of the sidewalk. They both watched and spoke kind words to me as I devoured those delicious morsels, leaving not a crumb. I followed them home that night. The wind was chill and the raindrops, although sparse, were cold against my back. I followed them through the back gate and stood watching as they passed through the door to their warm house. She returned later with a warm blanket and spread it on the table underneath the roof of the deck. I fell asleep, wrapped in the soft folds of the blanket and awakened the next morning, the warm rays of the sun brushing against my fur. A bowl of succulent food had been placed near the blanket. I knew then, that I had found a home.


Table of Contents

Archives of Index Index Page. Henri of Twin Brook's Corner.
1. New Year's Eve 2. The Colony 3. Clarence the Housecat 4. About Maurice and Other Cats
5. A Consumer Conscious Squirrel 6. Take a Look at These! 7. My Housemates 8. About Raymond
9. Sidney Does It Again 10. Life Is So Unfair 11. The Easter Bunny 12. Spring
13.This is Spring? 14. Jerome Needs Help Again! 15. Two Days Before Spring Arrives.... 16. The Contest
17. Planning the Garden 18. A Friend In Need 19. Everyone Needs an Agent 20. Oh, To Be a Celebrity!
21. A Swan's Lake 22. The Family 23. Little Creatures 24. Into Each Life....
25. Ashley Has a Baby! 26. Sidney's Dilema 27. My Roommate Helen 28. The New Mother
29. I Met a Wolf! 30. Where Have All the Pumpkins Gone? 31. To the Rescue.. 32. Introducing Rumsfeld
33. A Few Night Scenes 34. The Artistic Cat 35. When Rumsfeld Comes to Dinner. 36. A Halo for Dexter
37. When Stella Discovers the Christmas Tree. 38. There is a Hat for Every Rat! 39. In Memory of..... 40. We Welcome in the New Year 2006.
41. Hell Hath No Fury... 42. Friends and Family... 43. My Interview with Jane.. 44. Togs for Dogs
August 13, 2007
45. About the Evils of Catnip 46.Henri's Feline Friends 2/21/06 47. My Winter Photographs
February 2006
48. My Valenine to Jane.
49. The Eagle Has Landed! 50. And On the Way Home.. 51. March Photographs 3/26/2006 52. Gathering of Queens 3/26/2006
53.Feline Friends from Florida 3/27/06 54. Privacy and the Litter Box 4/9/06 55. Rabbits Don't Lay Eggs! 4/18/06 56. Jessie's Mom!
57.April Flowers 4/22/06 58. Would You Like to See More Daffodils? 5-03-06 59. April Showers Bring April Flowers! 60. A Place of His Own 5-12-2006
61. The Posies of May 5-13-2006 62. On the Road Again With Clarence! 63. I Went to Visit Aretha 64. Big Guy in the Garden!June 3, 2006
65. A New Boy in Town! 66. Disturbing Inter Species Behavior! 67. The Cats Night Out! 6-15-06 68. Strange Flower In My Garden!
69. Rumsfeld's New Home 6-29-06. 70. Our Night at the Fireworks!! 71. Lilies of June 2006 72. Rumsfeld Moves In! July 10, 2006
73. THE LILIES OF JULY 2006 74. Something Daring for You to Try! 75. Rumsfeld's Treasures 76. Visitors to My Garden
77. My Little Fight with Max 78.They Came In the Night 79. Dining at the Dumpster 80. East Windsor Guest House
81. The Rockets Red Glare 82.The New Bed!!! 83. Changing Photos (aren't I clever? 84. He's growing Up!
85.The Creature from Another World! 86. It's Time to Party! 87. Autumn Visitors
88. Ashley Can Cook!
89.New York Experience!
Statin Island Ferry
90. The Museum of Natural History.
We met some butterflies!
91. A Stroll on the Brooklyn Bridge! 92.We Boys Talk About New York.
93.Ghosts? There are No Ghosts!
94.The Waning Moon! 95.Ashley Barks About the Dog Park Fund Raiser
97.Christmas Photographs for 2006
98. Those Awful Fundraisers!
99. Making a List for Christmas!
100. Fun Stuff!
101. Our Trip to New York City on Christmas Day!
Check out the adventures of Clarence of Belden and Henri of Twin Brook!
102. New Year's Evening is for the Cats! 103. It's For the Birds!
104. A Fun Day at the Fund Raiser!
105. Fine Dining for the Hamden cat!
106. Naughty Shirley!
107. Death By Car Wash!
108.A Trip to Essex, Connecticut
109. The Great Lunar Event!
110. Sidney's Very Own Tree!
111. The Big St. Patrick's day Parade!
112. Ashley's Private Tree!
113. The Great Winter Storm of March 2007! 114. Do You See Butterflies?
115. The Wrath of Rat!
March 26, 2007
116. Photographs from the Greater New Haven
St Patrick's Day Parade ,March 11, 2007
117. Our Fabulous Trip to New York City and the Queensboro Bridge! 118. Bad Rabbit Jerome, the Easter Bunny!
119.The Museum of Art in New York City!
Come and meet the mummy! April 13, 2007
120. Enter Tonya!
April 19, 2007
121.A Work Party at the Dog Park!
April 22, 2007
122. Interview with Tonya!
May 7, 2007
123. Ashley Had Her Picture Taken!
May 12, 2007
124.Clarence and I Took a May Walk Across the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge!
125. Clarence of Belden's Own View of the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge! 126. Go Fly a Kite!
May 26, 2007
127. Hamden's Memorial Day Parade!
(In which Ashley was the star or so she says..)
May 28, 2007
128. A Visitor from Florida!
May 30, 2007
129. My Neighbor Maxwell's Garden of Roses and Other Stuff!
June 2, 2007
130. Our Sunday Visit to the Pardee Rose Garden in New Haven!
June 17, 2007
131. Clarence and I Go to the Forest Park Zoo!
June 29, 2007
132.Fourth of July Fireworks for 2007! 133. Pool Party! The Revenge of the Queens!
July 16, 2007
134. Rumpelstiltskin Is His Name!
July 30, 2007
135. The Moose of Bennington, Vermont!
August 2, 2007
136. Clarence and I Went for a Walk on the Beach at Lighhouse Point.
September 2, 2007
137. Will Clarence and I Ever Learn?
August 25, 2007
138. How We Cats Planned for Clarence's Summer Garden!
August 17, 2007
139. How We Saved Clarence of Belden from Depression and Low Self Esteem!
August 28, 2007
140. What Happens in Hamden, Stays in Hamden!
September 20, 2007
141. All the Meows About Our Royal Selves!
October 5, 2007
142. Clarence and I Photographed the Mutt Strut! New Haven's Premier Occasion for Canines!
October 3,2007
143.The Comet Holmes as Photographed by Clarence of Belden and Henri of Twin Brook!
Comet update, November 12, 2007
144. Clarence and Henri are Up In Central Park!
November 11, 2007
145. A Lovely Christmas Story for All Cats! 146. At the Mercy of a Paw!
147. A Christmas Greeting from the Dog, Ashley!
December 21. 2007
148. Why We Missed the Fireworks on New Year's Eve!
January 8, 2008
149. Do Not Miss this Thrilling Christmas Story About Cinderatta!
posted February 2008
150. The Queen of the East Windsor Guest House and How She Almost Came Between Clarence and Me!
March 2, 2008
151.Are Some Rabbits Are Just Born Bad?? Did He Really Get His Hopping Papers?
April 20, 2008

152. Bird, Bath and Beyond!
June 20, 2008!

153. "Just for Toms!"
Sidney's Whiskers!

154. That Wonderful Night of "Tricks and Treats!"
November 7. 2008

155. What Really Happened That Night!
December 14, 2008

156.A Dog Named Rio! December 21, 2008

157.Snow Rat and the Seven Whos?
December 25, 2008

158.Let's All Sing Like the Birdies Sing!
January 4, 2009

159. Ashley Designed a Tree for
the New Year 2009!


160. New Year's Eve! December 31, 2008!
January 16, 2009

161.Pants Make the Cat!
January 28, 2009

162. A Slumber Party for Dogs?
You Must Be Kidding!

163. "Two Smiling Dogs" in Hamden Connecticut!

164. "Dogs of Destruction!"
A story of sin and redemption!
March 18, 2009

165. The Dog as a Colletor of Art!
March 26, 2009

166. The Flowers That Bloom in the Spring!
Traa Laa!
April 13, 2009

167. Carlyle has Labor Problems at the Library!
May 10, 2009

The Red Tailed Hawks of New Haven, Connecticut!
Photographed by Clarence of Belden

More Photographs of Red Tailed Hawks
of New Haven, Connecticut!

And Some More Photographs of Red Tailed Hawks
of New Haven Connecticut!

The Babies Have Hatched! Updated on May 20, 2008!

Here are Some Photos of the Little Darlings Making a Mess out of Their Nest!

The Little Darlings Have Grown Up
and No Longer Look Like Old Feather Dusters!
June 2, 2008

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