The Roaming Gnome presides at the Magic Iceberg.
Never leave home without him.
Below the Roaming Gnome on the big Iceberg are Genghis and Nikita, basking in the sunlight.

Floating on small pieces of ice are Niklos and SassyJazmine, together as usual.
In the center are Jessie and her wink Day-Late.
Freya and Chuck of the BFCC are on the right.
All are serene and composed.

Further away from the Magic Iceberg we find Murph who is in the water.
Beside him on a floe sits Faith, wishing she had brought a pillow and a thick blanket.
Angel and Minuet sit on another floe, wondering why they are there.

In the front are Milo and Max, both swimming and wondering if they have turned blue yet.
Right and Left are on the next iceberg. No, that's wrong, It's Left and Right.
Davy, on the next floe, is his usual casual self and thinking he might just take a nap.
KeeKee is taking a rambunctuous swim - and splashing the water - to the dismay of Angel and Minuet.

The Roaming Gnome holds up his hand.
Genghis and Nikita stand at attention and call the meeting to order
and ask visitors to leave during the meeting.

Faith, Angel, Minuet, Milo, Max wonder if they can sneak out before the program starts.
Angel and Minuet hope that KeeKee will leave.


All is Quiet.
All is Serene.
All is Mystery.

Shhhhh .....

Shhhhh .....

Shhhhh .....